Claims Process

Administrative claims may be filed beginning January 1, 2023. To be accepted and reviewed, your claim must be postmarked or submitted and received no later than December 31, 2024.

How to file a claim:

How to file a claim:

All submitted administrative claims must use the forms contained in the Claim Packet available for download from this website and from the New Hampshire Department of Justice website. Upon request the Claim Packet will be made available to any claimant in paper form including at adult correctional facilities in New Hampshire. The Claim Packet may be freely copied and distributed by others.

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Administrator’s Instructions on How-To-File

Administrator’s Instructions on How-To-File

Please be informed that filing of claims for processing must abide by the required Claims Process for Administration of the YDC Settlement Fund.  To facilitate efficient processing and review, please organize filings in accordance with Section 1(4), and identify the Claimant by Last Name and First Name Initial such that the Administrator is able to readily assess materials.  For example: 
Smith_J_Signed Claims Form 
Smith_J_ Signed Notice of Filing of Claim and [Partial] Stay 
Smith_J_Copy of Identification Documents 
Smith_J_Guardian [or Conservator] Order (if applicable) 
Smith_J_Copy of Attorney Fee Agreement (if applicable) 
Smith_J_Affidavit Detailing Attorney Time and Work (if applicable) 
Please follow a similar organizational protocol for any Additional Information submitted in accordance with Section 1(5) of the required Claims Process for Administration of the YDC Settlement Fund.  For example: 
Smith_J_Claims Worksheet 
Smith_J_Medical Records 
Smith_J_Mental Health Records 
Smith_J_Diaries, Notebooks, or Journals 
Smith_J_Complaint in Related Lawsuit 
Smith_J_Statements for Witnesses 
Smith_J_Residential Files or Citations 

Use the following link to get the Claim Packet, which includes general instructions; a Claim Form; a Claim Worksheet, a Notice of Filing of Claim and Partial Stay and a Submission Checklist 

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Please Keep Your Contact Information Up to Date.

Please remember that it is very important for you to keep your contact information on Pages 8 and 9 of the Claim Packet form up to date and current with the YDC Claims Administration. The claims process has time deadlines that will impact your claim, and staff will need to be able to reach out to you about your claim and the processing steps along the way. If your contact information changes after you submit your claim, please contact YDC Claims Administration staff as soon as possible to update your information. Important contact information to keep updated includes: 
     Best Phone Number to Reach You (and also Email) 
     If Voicemail Messages may be left  
     Email address 
     Ways We Can Communicate with You: Mail; E-Mail; Phone 
     Attorney Information 
     Other Trust Contact In Case We Cannot Reach You   

Also, if at any time you decide to have a lawyer represent you in the claims process, please inform YDC Claims Administration staff as soon as possible so we can be sure your lawyer has all the information they need to assist you.

Submitting a claim

A claimant is required to fill out the Claim Packet form and submission checklist (both are contained in the Claim Packet) and return them to the NH YDC Claims Administration and Settlement Fund by December 31, 2024 either by email, by postal mail, by fax or by hand delivery. The information for filing by one of those options is as follows:

John T. Broderick, Jr., Administrator
New Hampshire YDC Claims Administration and Settlement Fund
By postal mail to: P.O. Box 1930, Concord, NH 03302-1930
By e-mail to:
By fax to: 603-798-3420
By hand delivery:  by appointment

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Please review the Important Documents for Participating in the Claims Process section on the home page to see what is required and what is optional for claims processing. For example, a claimant is not required to fill out the Claim Worksheet that is included in the Claim Packet document. The Claim Worksheet is optional but will help claimants determine what they are likely to receive from the fund. If you use the Claim Worksheet, please try to fill out all requested information and follow the instructions in the Claim Worksheet step-by-step.  Other Important Documents also will help claimants determine what they are likely to receive from the fund, such as the Guidelines for Valuing Claims for Settlement Purposes.  Please carefully review these materials when filing a claim and when participating in the claims process.

Documents required before review of a claim:

In addition to your claim form, the following documents will be required to complete your claim and have it reviewed. Please submit them with your claim if possible:

All claimants

  1. A copy of an identification document (any of the following):
    1. A driver’s license
    2. A government-issued ID card that contains your photo, or
    3. A passport.
    4. If you do not have any of these documents, contact YDC Claims Administration staff about whether an alternative form of identification is acceptable. Staff can be reached by phone at 603-415-2136 (for toll-free dial 1-833-423-2136) or by email at
  2. Any other supporting documents you want to provide

Some claimants

  1. If a lawsuit has been filed,
    1. Signed Notice of Filing of Claim and [partial] Stay
  2. If a Guardian or conservator is filing the claim, a copy of the Guardianship or Conservatorship Order establishing their authority.
  3. If you have an attorney:
    1. A copy of the fee agreement between you and your attorney; and
    2. An affidavit detailing the time and work your attorney spent on your claim. (This affidavit should be prepared by your attorney. It may be updated by your attorney after any investigation or in connection with any resolution proceedings in your claim.)

You may file your claim as complete as possible.  If your claim packet is missing information, then YDC Claims Administration staff will let you know and may be able to provide some help accessing needed documents.

Optional Documents

In addition to your Claim Worksheet, you may also submit other documents to support your claim. These documents can help the Attorney General’s (“AG”) Designee, the Administrator, and/or the Administrator’s neutral investigator (or facilitator) verify your claim and can help speed the processing of your claim. Please consider submitting these additional documents at the time you submit your claim:

  • Medical Records
  • Mental Health Records
  • Your Resident File (Only if the AG Designee may not have it. If your Resident File was provided to you by the Attorney General’s Office, it is not necessary to include it. You can assume the AG Designee will review your Resident File when evaluating your claim. If there are specific pages of your Resident File you believe are Important, you may reference them by number in your claim form.)
  • Diaries, Notebooks or Journals
  • Photographs
  • The Complaint in any related lawsuit you have filed
  • Statements from Witnesses
  • Any other documents that you believe help support your claim