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Questions about New Hampshire Youth Development Center Claims Administration and Settlement Fund? We are here to help.

Name of Fund: New Hampshire YDC Claims Administration and Settlement Fund
Administrator’s Name: John T. Broderick, Jr.

Inquiries -  by Email, by Phone, by Postal Mail

Many questions can be answered on our website in addition to the assistance we are happy to provide you directly. If possible, please use email to send us questions you may have. 

Please be patient for receiving a response as we receive a large amount of correspondence and have limited staff. Our response time for all inquiries depends on volume of inquiries and claims processing.   

If you already filed a claim and have a claim number, please include it in the subject line of all email correspondence, or in your voice mail message, or in your postal mail to us.


Phone: (603) 415-2136 or toll-free at (1) 833-423-2136
- You may call this number at any time. Please leave a message if YDC Claims Administration staff is not available to answer your call.  
- If you leave a message, please state:

  • your name 
  • best contact information where we can reach you 
  • a brief reason for your call  
  • your current e-mail address

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1930, Concord, NH 03302-1930 

Fax: (603) 798-342

Filing a Claim

There are instructions on organizing materials for filing your claim and documents to help with efficient processing and review.  Please see “Administrator’s Instructions on How-To-File” located on the Claims Process portion of this website. 

Electronic Claim Filing: Claims may be filed electronically at any time convenient for you by emailing your Claim Packet and any supporting documents to

Postal Mail: To file your Claim by postal mail, please mail your Claim Packet and any supporting documents to P.O. Box 1930, Concord, NH 03302-1930. 

Fax: To file your Claim by fax, please send your Claim Packet and any supporting documents to (603) 798-3420.

Hand-Delivery (by appointment only): If you are unable to file your Claim through one of the options listed above, please contact YDC Claims Administration staff to schedule an appointment to hand deliver your Claim.